Oak Haven Crematorium & Pet

Oak Haven Pet Crematorium

Funeral home at 10950 Northland Drive Northeast, Rockford, MI 49341

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in Rockford, MI

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  • I had my beloved dachshund companion cremated after she sadly passed away. She was cremated at Oak Haven Crematorium in Rockford. I'm very pleased with the service they provided. Her cremains were returned to my local veterinarian for me to pick up. They came back to me in a nice carved wooden vessel, inside a purple velvet pouch that was embroidered with "Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge." There was also a nice card included by them, with my dog's name and date of cremation. Also included was a nice card with the Rainbow Bridge poem printed on it. I was also delighted to see that they took the time to make a paw print from her in a round piece of clay. I wasn't expecting that to be included in the standard cremation, but I was certainly very happy they did that. I have since placed her cremains in a personalized urn. That said, the wooden box they return the ashes in is a very nice display piece in case you might not be able to afford an urn or need time before deciding on one. There hadn't been any reviews online yet for Oak Haven, so I wanted to take the time to write one for everyone else to read, should they be in need of deciding how to lay their loved pet to rest. I can say with full honesty that I am very pleased with the service and the dignity with which they return a pet's cremains. I truly believe they went above and beyond what I had expected. Thank you Oak Haven.

    Added July 02, 2017 by Shane K
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